The Sport Bar
The Sport Bar


Sport Bar  

Sport bar is a modern bar with a wide selection of drinks and snacks for every taste. It is equipped with a widescreen for broadcasting world golf tournaments and major sporting events, both in the format of live broadcasts and pre-recorded matches.

In the spring and summer, away from the hustle of the city, you can enjoy fresh mountain air and wonderful dishes on the terrace of the Sport Bar. Here you can always try special offers from the chef and his team. Wine list and bar menu will pleasantly surprise any foodie, with addition to the huge collection of whiskey.

The bar has many interesting and unique details. A collection of retro clubs, photos of world golf legends, a fireplace, near which you want to wrap yourself in a warm blanket and get settled in an armchair.

Sport Bar, with its comfortable leather armchairs and sofas, can seat 50 guests, in banquet style up to 70 guests.

If you want to book a room for an event or a table in a restaurant, please contact the restaurant management:

+7 702 777 3498.

You are most welcome!

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